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Practice Summary-TCI's Payments
1. Overview
Technology Consultants, Inc. (TCI) has established a Payments Practice to cater to retail as well as institutional payments technology needs in the global market. The first phase of developing this practice focuses on retail payment technology in the banking industry within USA and India markets. TCI will be establishing technology as well as domain expertise in the following technologies: BASE24, Base24-EPS, UPP, Postilion and related technologies.
2. Service Offerings
TCI offers a wide array of services:
  • Product Implementation
  • Version and/or Technology Migrations
  • Application Maintenance and Support
  • Application Integration
  • Custom Analytics
TCI is able to offer these services with the help of its skilled employees and a multitude of intellectual property (IP) assets. Our employees have expertise in:
  • Business Analysts/Functional Consultants
  • Solution Architects (overall solution, security, and data model)
  • Developers / Designers
  • Testers
  • Project / Program Managers
TCI has developed intellectual property (IP) in the following in the four main categories, namely, Implementation, Analytics, Functional and Integration. Implementation IP includes test harnesses, test automation, practical project quality audit kits, among others. Analytics IP assets are re-usable components as well as specific reports based off of actual client requirements. Functional IP assets are often customization for clients that can re-used for other clients. Integration IP assets are a technical components that integrate core payment platform with other applications that need data from the transactional database.
3. Thought Leadership
In addition to delivering domain and technical expertise to clients, TCI consultants engage themselves into various kinds of thought leadership activities. Key examples include: Social Media , responding to questions on product forums, publishing white papers, speaking at industry events, etc.
4. TCI’s Value Proposition
TCI’s skilled consultants having necessary domain expertise, equipped with IP assets and thought-leadership knowledge offer clients the following value: low project risks, best practices advice, higher productivity, and inherent cost-controls. Clients continue to retain TCI to realize the value of TCI services on a long-term basis.

Companies such as US Bank, Bank of America are actively evaluating services providers for technologies listed above.
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